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How to find us

25 thoughts on “How to find us

    1. Hi Adam, yes we hope to be. We’re just finishing off all the painting on the Queen of the Sea and aim to start sailing her from this weekend. Please keep an eye on our daily sailings page for more details in the next day or two

  1. Hi I wondered whether you would be sailing on either August 9 or 10, preferably the 2 hour cruise? Thanks

    1. Hi Stephen, weather remitting we hope to be. Please keep an eye on our website nearer to these dates to check. We try to advertise our 2 hour trips up to a week in advance depending on how the weather forecast is looking. Many thanks, Karen

    1. Hi Richard, we’ve cancelled all our trips today I’m afraid due to the rain. We hope to be sailing tomorrow – details on our daily sailings page. Many thanks, Karen

    1. Hi Ray, it’s our 2 hour bridges cruise that head that far. Our 45 minutes trips head in the opposite direction towards Belan Fort and the South West entrance of Caernarfon Bay. If you browse through our web pages you’ll find further details, but if you have any questions please do get in touch.

  2. Hi
    Will you be sailing tomorrow, Tuesday 31st August please and can I just turn up or do I need to book in advance.

    1. Hi Sarah, yes we will be sailing on Tuesday. Please have a look at our daily sailing page for times. We do tend to get fully booked in advance, so I’d recommend booking – you can do that by calling us on 07979593483. Thank you

    2. I know you can just turn up but i personally think best to book, just text the number and she replys pretty quick thats all i did to book

    1. Hi Dawn, we’re not sure yet whether we can do a Llanddwyn trip this week. We’ll keep an eye on the weather forecast for later in the week and update our website in the next couple of days. We have a bridges trip at 10am on Wednesday planned if that’s of any interest. Thank you

      1. Hi Dawn, we might be able to do a Llanddwyn trip at 9am on Tuesday 7th. Would you want to join us for that if we go ahead? And if so how many in your group please? Feel free to call us on 07979593483 to discuss. Thank you

    1. Hi Jo, weather permitting we hope to be. Please keep an eye on our website here over the coming days when we’ll have a better idea of the forecast and can plan. Thank you, Karen

    1. Hi Cheryl, our season has finished now I’m afraid. We aim to start up again in May next year and will update our daily sailings page with details nearer to the time.
      Many thanks, Karen

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